J. Alexander Scott, M.D.

Class of 2022
University of Cincinnati


I was born in Cleveland, OH and grew up in Rocky River. I always liked listening to my friends’ problems and asking my parents why our relatives were such weird people. I went to a liberal arts college in South Carolina where I enjoyed studying psychology. I didn’t decide on medicine until my sophomore year, and knew I wanted to keep more variety in my career than the doctors I had known growing up. I also started getting into creative writing and became fascinated by the life of Ernest Hemingway. After college I worked on a farm in New Hampshire which further reinforced my desire for a good work-life balance. My wife and I couple-matched here. Ann Arbor is a forward-thinking city, and has a great restaurant and cultural scene for its size. The program is based in a good blend of neuroscience and psychotherapy theory, and there is broad exposure to many types of practice settings.

Areas of Interest

  • Forensic Psychiatry
  • Psychiatric Nosology
  • History of Academic Psychiatry


  • M.D., University of Cincinnati, 2018