Jen Conley

ABCD Study Team

What is your name? Where were you born? Where did you go to college?

Hello! I’m Jen Conley and I am from the Toledo, OH area. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Communications & my Master of Public Health from the University of Toledo. 

How long have you worked in the department and what does your work focus on?

I love that through the ABCD Study, we are able to learn about the life experiences of youth and the potential impact it has on their cognitive development and outcomes later in life.  

What are your plans after ABCD (grad school, etc.)?

I joined ABCD Study family in 2022 and my main area of focus is coordinating the ABCD Recover Sub Study. 

Fun fact about yourself! What are your hobbies?

My plans after ABCD are to transition into a Research Administrator/Management Role.