Mohamed Soliman

Class of 2025
Weill Cornell Medicine


Hey - This is Mohamed. I did my medical school at Cornell, Manhatten. After living in Ithaca during my MBA years, I became a BIG fan of college towns' quality of life, safety, affordability, and intellectual vibe. Ann Arbor has it all!

If you are from the coasts, let me share with you why I ranked UMich #1:

1- Midwest culture: You will fall in love with Midwest people; if you are from the east coast, you can take my word for it!

2- Inclusion (not just diversity): I am a global citizen and inclusivity is important for me. UMich - and Ann Arbor in general - is a truly inclusive place.

3- The union: If nothing but this one, I would have chosen UMich. They take our wellness and rights SERIOUSLY. They do not beat around the bush with esoteric wellness seminars. Our salaries/cost of living is one of the highest in the country because of them. The union truly walks the walk here!

4- Fitness: I am a fitness enthusiast. The University Hospital has a terrific gym inside the hospital. It
helped me maintain my fitness habits during the long work hours.

5- Time outside work: Yes, I can still craft time to pursue my interests as a life coach, podcaster, and

6- Culture: This is something I started to value during my MBA years. I have an unbeaten record of life setbacks and challenges. And the culture here helps me thrive during challenging times.

Areas of Interest

  • Motivation and Positive Psychology
  • Emotions and Behavior Control
  • Psychology of Social Media
  • Group & Organizational Psychology
  • Psychophysiology


  • MD, Cornell University, 2020
  • MBA, Cornell University, 2020
  • Ph.D., The University of Toronto, 2014