July 30, 2020

Telehealth Can Be a Lifeline for Patients With Addictions. Is It Enough?

Allison Lin, M.D., was quoted in this story on how telemedicine has improved treatment access for some people with substance use disorders, but it does not meet all the needs of this vulnerable population.

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Allison Lin, M.D.


"Substance-using patients are particularly vulnerable and access to treatment was already a challenge [before the pandemic]," said Allison Lin, MD, of the Veterans Affairs Ann Arbor Healthcare System in Michigan. "COVID-19 is an additional blow making it even more important to think about treatment for this population."

"For lasting improvements to occur in treatment access, we need to make these changes permanent," Lin argued in her piece in JAMA Psychiatry. "Hopefully, years from now, we will look back at this moment not only as a tragedy but also as a period of rapid improvements in our ability to provide care for patients with
[substance use disorders] and other mental health disorders."