September 18, 2020

Provider COVID-19 Mental Health Toolkit has launched

Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Toolkit for Providers

Visit the provider toolkit:

Pandemics and quarantines are known to cause a significant increase in mental health and substance use issues.

The ongoing pandemic is a collective, chronic stressor. The COVID-19 Mental Health Toolkit for Providers was developed to assist healthcare providers as they navigate increased distress and mental health challenges in their patients during the current pandemic. A team of interdisciplinary mental health professionals collaboratively created the toolkit in partnership with providers from primary care and pediatrics. All healthcare providers need to be aware of rapidly rising rates of traumatic stress reactions, elder abuse, child abuse, substance abuse, and sleep difficulties during and after the pandemic.

The U-M Department of Psychiatry COVID-19 Mental Health Toolkit has information on how Primary Care Providers can screen patients, scripts to use with patients, and resources for patients, including children, adolescents, adults, geriatric patients and many specific populations. 

"It is our hope that the toolkit will increase awareness of the pandemic’s impact on mental health and substance abuse across the lifespan and across diverse groups, and serve as a comprehensive resource for providers, with screening measures and concrete tools to assist with meeting patients’ needs." - Leslie Swanson, Ph.D.