December 2, 2020

Our Youngest Donor

10-year-old Samantha has been raising money for the department of psychiatry for the last three years

Samantha and Dr. Dalack

The Department of Psychiatry has many devoted supporters. Samantha, age 10, is surely our youngest donor. She has been raising money to support our research into mental health since 2017, totaling $550. 

Samantha raises money by herself from chores and walking and watching dogs. “She has a big heart and cares for others and knows how hard the work in the mental health field is, especially since she has a family member who receives help for mental health,” her mom tells us. “Samantha has a soft spot for the department’s inpatient Nyman Family Unit for Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Wellness, because she appreciates how helpful the staff are to the kids in their care.”

Samantha raised $150 for Giving Tuesday 2020 and wanted to make these funds available to faculty and staff throughout the department as a token of her appreciation for the challenging work they have done this year. She has made this money available, on a first come, first serve basis, for a 'THANK YOU' drink or snack from Starbucks (redeemable via a special bar code).

“I wanted to say THANK YOU for helping others. Helping to make people get better is so important. I know that being a doctor for mental health is not easy. But I know that so many people depend on you all and you need to keep showing up and making a difference in people’s lives every day," said Samantha. “This year I wanted to thank you for being a big part of the psychiatry department and supporting mental health. I am hoping that you will take this barcode and get a drink on me from Starbucks.”

“I am very grateful to Samantha for her thoughtfulness and generosity, and join her in thanking all our faculty and staff for the work that they are doing every day,” said Gregory Dalack, M.D., Daniel E. Offutt III Professor of Psychiatry, and department chair.