January 26, 2021

Experts Express Concerns Over Mental Health Of Some Kids In The Pandemic

A year into the pandemic, emergency rooms nationwide are seeing a rise in kids experiencing mental health crises. Dr. Nasuh Malas provides his insights. 

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CHATTERJEE: Especially with all the uncertainty about when the pandemic will end. Dr. Nasuh Malas is a psychiatrist and pediatrician at the University of Michigan.

NASUH MALAS: I think it's the coupling of those things - is pretty daunting for a lot of our youth, who are still trying to figure out who they are, right? I mean, these are kids who are developing and growing.

CHATTERJEE: And still in need of guidance from adults, especially to cope during difficult times. Colleen Neely, the school counselor in Las Vegas, doesn't know the exact circumstances that led her student to suicide, but she wonders if someone could have prevented it if the pandemic hadn't upended everything.