December 9, 2021

How to help your kids deal with grief, trauma after the Oxford High School shooting

Nasuh Malas, M.D., interviewed by WXYZ Detroit. 

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Speaking openly about feelings of pain, uncertainty and grief is an important step in helping children process their own emotions, according to U of M Child Psychiatrist Nasuh Malas.

"It can be simply checking in and asking how things are going, how they are experiencing recent events," Malas said.

That needs to be a continuing process will the lost being laid to rest. Those remembrances can be vital in dealing with trauma,

"It's good to have those venues because people sometimes really do need to be with each other and do need to be together as a community," Malas added.

Some families may find it challenging to attend these types of events. Malas says that's OK, too. He says every student in the community processes trauma differently and parents should watch for signs their child is being overwhelmed.


Malas says parents should resist the temptation to limit exposure to school or avoid returning to school altogether.

"Avoidance and not confronting the issue actually results in further traumatization and escalation of that anxiety and distress," he said.