January 28, 2022

Dr. Sheila Marcus and Dr. John Straus featured in Pediatric Meltdown podcast

Dr. Marcus and Dr. Straus provide their insight in the episode "Need a Child Psychiatrist's Help? Phone a Friend!"

Pediatric Meltdown

The Pediatric Meltdown, hosted by primary care pediatrician Lia Gaggino, is a podcast for other physicians hoping to get a better understanding of children's mental and behavioral health. The podcast features experts in the field for informative conversations about practical strategies that physicians can make use of. 

You can listen to the episode of Pediatric Meltdown here. 

This episode features a conversation between Dr. Sheila Marcus and Dr. John Straus. Dr. Marcus is the Section Chief of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry of Michigan Medicine and runs MC3, a statewide program that provides primary care consultations to primary care physicians. She also co-leads the Infant and Early Childhood Clinic at U-M, where children with signs of autism are evaluated.  

Dr. John Straus is the Founding Director of the Massachusetts Child Psychiatry Access Program (MCPAP) and a 2020 Mom’s Inaugural winner of the Maternal Mental Health Hero Award. Dr. Straus is the mind and heart behind MCPAP, which has inspired and been the model for Maternal Mental Health doctor-to-doctor consultation programs across the U.S.