November 18, 2022

Socioeconomic factors associated with changes in youth brain connectivity, UMich study finds

ABCD Study finds socioeconomic factors may be linked to changes in children’s brain connectivity.

Source: Michigan Daily 

Design by Arunika Shee


According to a University of Michigan study published in October, socioeconomic resources may be linked to changes in children’s brain connectivity, the pattern of anatomical links between different neural systems in the brain. The study was conducted as part of the larger Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) study, for which the University is one of 21 sites ABCD is working with, and used data from 5,821 children between the ages of nine and 10. 

U-M alum Katherine Thorne, a research assistant in the study, said being part of such a large study made it easier to ensure they had a representative sample that encompasses the whole nation, rather than just a specific location. 

“The study is really large, the sample is huge, but it was also designed in a way to best reflect the demographic makeup of kids of this age group in the United States,” Thorne said. more.