December 27, 2022

People often don’t think about it, but health consequences of alcohol use can be deadly

Dr. Anne Anne Fernandez is quoted in this MLive Media Group article

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Addictive behaviors have been increasing nationally. Not just alcohol, but opioids too. The pandemic likely played a part. Socioeconomic issues could also contribute and there is a mental health crisis the country is yet to handle, said Anne Fernandez, associate professor in the Michigan Medicine Department of Psychiatry and a clinical psychologist with the health system’s addiction treatment services.


“People don’t think of it in terms of health consequences,” Fernandez said of alcohol, viewed differently than, say, cigarettes or illicit drug use.

They recognize the dangers of driving drunk and getting into a crash, but they don’t think about chronic use and the consequences, such as cancer or liver disease.

“So many patients, they’re so surprised when they develop liver disease. They don’t think it’s possible,” said Fernandez, who started with colleagues a multidisciplinary alcohol-related liver disease clinic.