May 11, 2023

Experts provide mental health resources for women as need increases

Dr. Mahela Ashraf was interviewed by TV6 in the Upper Peninsula about women’s mental health and the MC3 program’s role in partnering with providers statewide to support perinatal patients with mental health concerns

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“It is a good bridge towards providers enrolling in MC3 whether they are primary care physicians or OBs enrolling in this program, so they can connect with a team who will then help depending on the needs of that individual patient or providers. It will be kind of a bridging gap between that next level care,” Michigan Health Board Certified Perinatal Psychiatrist and Faculty Clinical Instructor Mahela Ashraf said.

Ashraf says rural communities face hurdles in mental health resources.

“I think in rural communities’ stigma may prevent from people reporting or understanding what is going on,” Ashraf said. “Maybe they may overlook what is actually a mental condition as something else and not really able to engage with their provider.”

McNulty has a few steps women can take at home to help with mental health.

“Getting rest, getting outdoors, taking time for ourselves, taking time to connect with a friend whether you make a phone call or meet for a cup of coffee. It is those small actions.” 



The Department of Psychiatry offers several research opportunities. Some studies may offer compensation and/or treatment.