What is the average length of stay?

Length of stay depends on each individual’s circumstances. The majority of patients stay with us for a few days to two weeks, and longer stays are rarely necessary.


What items are patients allowed to have during their stay?

Personal articles such as shampoo, toothbrush/toothpaste, comb, nail polish, makeup, and clothing can be brought from home. Patients should wear casual, comfortable, seasonally appropriate clothing while they are in the hospital. Please note that shoelaces are not allowed on 9C. Slip-on or VelcroÒ shoes work best. The unit has a limited supply of such shoes to loan for patients who do not have their own.

Due to limited storage space, we ask that patients keep personal belongings to a minimum. Patients with special dietary needs are allowed to bring food from home. Staff will check all clothing, belongings, and packages brought to the unit to ensure a safe and secure atmosphere.


What items are prohibited?

Certain articles are not permitted on the unit, including:

Alcoholic beverages
Tobacco products (Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the U-M Hospital property, including outside grounds.)
Drugs or medicines brought in by patients. After these medications are reviewed upon admission, they will either be sent home with your family or held by Hospital Security (with some exceptions). Upon discharge, all medications will be checked by the patient’s doctor before they are returned.
Shoes with shoelaces.
Equipment used in medical treatments, such as heating pads, hot water bottles, sun lamps, etc.
Scissors, knives, weapons or any other sharp objects, including mirrors.
Tape recorders and cameras (prohibited to protect the privacy and confidentiality of all patients)
Computers (Note: although patients are not allowed to bring their own computers, access to computers located on the unit is provided based on particular needs.)

In addition, please keep the following policies in mind regarding personal belongings:

Although electrical devices like electric razors or curling irons may not be kept at a patient’s bedside, they can be stored on the unit and used upon request. Certain items, such as safety razors, may be used only with staff supervision.
We recommend that valuables such as watches, jewelry and money amounting to more than $10.00 be sent home or kept with Hospital Security. Patients are responsible for any valuables they elect to keep on the unit.
How can I visit a patient on the unit?

Patient visiting hours are Monday through Friday: 5:30 pm until 9:00 pm, and Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 1:00 pm until 9:00 pm. Visitors who cannot come during regular visiting hours should first call the nursing station at 734-936-4950. See “For families and visitors” for more information.


How do I get to the unit?

We are located on the 9th floor of U-M Hospital, 1500 E. Medical Center Dr., Ann Arbor, MI, 48109. Once you arrive at the hospital, take the West Elevators to the 9th floor, and someone at our reception desk will help you.


Are patients involved in research?

The University of Michigan is committed to increasing knowledge about the causes of psychiatric illnesses and developing more effective methods of prevention and treatment. During their stay, patients may be asked if they would like to participate in research, which is entirely voluntary. All research studies must be reviewed by a special committee of the U-M Medical School and are approved only if they meet standards for appropriateness, patient, safety, and confidentiality protections. We provide all patients with the highest possible quality of care whether or not they decide to participate in research.


What happens after discharge?

We work collaboratively with patients during their stay to plan for their continued treatment once they leave the hospital. When the time comes for patients to return home, we help patients incorporate ongoing psychiatric management into their treatment plans. We work closely with outpatient programs and clinics – both at U-M and elsewhere – to smooth the transition from the hospital to follow-up care. We also provide information and resources to help patients better manage their illnesses on their own and with the help of family and friends. Specific follow-up plans are always part of the discharge process. Appointments with outpatient provider(s) will be made before a patient leaves the hospital. It is the policy of our department to make a reasonable effort to assure that all patients are seen for follow up within seven days of discharge.