Addiction Center Grants

Internal Grants

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External Grants

ABCD-USA Consortium Research Project

NIH/NIDA  2 U01 DA 041106 06

Principal Investigator: Heitzeg, Mary; Co-Investigator: Hicks, Brian


A Social Media Intervention for High-Intensity Drinking in a National Sample of Emerging Adults

NIH/NIAAA  5 R34 AA 027272 02

Principal Investigator: Bonar, Erin; Co-Investigator: Walton, Maureen


Adaptive Interventions to Reduce Risky Drinking and Violent Behaviors Among Adolescents

NIH/NIAAA  5 R01 AA 024755 05

Multiple Principal Investigator: Walton, Maureen; Co-Investigator: Blow, Frederic


Developmental and Peer Effects on the Neurobiology of Cognitive Control and Reward Processes

NIH/NIAAA  5 R01 AA 024433 04

Multiple Principal Investigators: Hicks, Brian and Heitzeg, Mary


Developmental and Sex Differences in Modulation of Nucleus Accumbens Activation

NIH/NIAAA  5 K01 AA 027558 02

Principal Investigator: Martz, Meghan     


Developmental Neurobiological and Contextual Influences on Alcohol Use Disorder   

NIH/NIAAA  5 R01 AA 025790 03

Multiple Principal Investigators: Heitzeg, Mary and Hicks, Brian; Co-Investigator: Zucker, Robert


Enhancing the Impact of Behavioral Pain Management on MAT Outcomes

NIH/NCCIH  5 R01 AT 010797 02

Multiple Principal Investigators: Ilgen, Mark and Lin, Lewei; Co-Investigator: Bohnert, Kipling


Facilitating Use of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in Alcohol Patients 

NIH/NIAAA  5 R01 AA 027513 02

Principal Investigator: Ilgen, Mark; Co-Investigators: Blow, Frederic and Bohnert, Kipling


Harnessing Social Media to Reduce Cannabis Use Among Adolescents and Emerging Adults in an Urban Emergency Department

NIH/NIDA  5 R34 DA 045712 03

Principal Investigator: Bonar, Erin; Co-Investigator: Walton, Maureen


Individual Differences in Epigenetic Regulation of Emotional Learning

NIH/NIDA  5 R01 DA 044960 03

Principal Investigator: Morrow, Jonathan


Integrating Alcohol Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment into Presurgical Care

NIH/NIAAA  5 K23 AA 023869 06

Principal Investigator: Fernandez, Anne


Intervening to Reduce Suicide Risk in Veterans with Substance Use Disorders - Log No. 11224006 

US DOD-Army, Department of the W81XWH-14-1-0005

Principal Investigator: Ilgen, Mark; Co-Investigator: Blow, Frederic


Leveraging Electronic Health Records to Identify Risky Alcohol Use Prior to Surgery

NIH/NIAAA  1 R21 AA 028315 01

Multiple Principal Investigators: Fernandez, Anne and Vydiswaran, Vg Vinod; Co-Investigators: Blow, Frederic and Bohnert, Kipling


Michigan's 1115 Behavioral Health Demonstration


Principal Investigator: Fernandez, Anne


Multidisciplinary Alcoholism Research Training Program

NIH/NIAAA  2 T32 AA 007477 29

Principal Investigator: Blow, Frederic


Multi-Method Signature of Risk for Compulsive Substance Use: Human Translation of the Incentive-Sensitization Model

NIH/NIDA  5 K01 DA 044270 02

Principal Investigator: Cope, Lora


Optimized Interventions to Prevent Opioid Use Disorder Among Adolescents and Young Adults in the Emergency Department

NIH/NIDA  4 UH3 DA 050173 02

Multiple Principal Investigators: Walton, Maureen and Bonar, Erin; Co-Investigator: Blow, Frederic


Optimizing Mobile Behavioral Economic Interventions For Rural Risky Drinkers

NIH/NIAAA  1 K23 AA 028232 01

Principal Investigator: Coughlin, Lara


Psychosocial Pain Management to Improve Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Outcomes

NIH/NCCIH  5 R33 AT 010106 03

Principal Investigator: Ilgen, Mark; Co-Investigator: Lin, Lewei


Reducing Cannabis Use for Sleep Among Adults Using Medical Cannabis

NIH/NIDA  5 R34 DA 047466 03

Multiple Principal Investigators: Ilgen, Mark and Arnedt, J Todd; Co-Investigator: Bohnert, Kipling


Sex Differences in the Neural Mechanisms of Brief Interventions for Binge Drinking

NIH/NIAAA  5 K01 AA 024804 05

Principal Investigator: Hardee, Jillian


Social Media Intervention for Cannabis Use in Emerging Adults

NIH/NIDA  5 R34 DA 045067 03

Principal Investigator: Bonar, Erin; Co-Investigator: Walton, Maureen


Social Media Interventions to Reduce Alcohol Use among Youth

NIH/NIAAA  5 R01 AA 024175 05

Principal Investigator: Walton, Maureen; Co-Investigators: Blow, Frederic and Bonar, Erin


Testing a PTSD m-Health Intervention to Improve Alcohol Treatment Outcomes

NIH/NIAAA  1 R01 AA 028213 01

Principal Investigator: Bohnert, Kipling; Co-Investigators: Blow, Frederic, Ilgen, Mark and Walton, Maureen