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The science is clear—the first thousand days of life are critically important, and strong early relationships are the foundation for developmental success.  We understand now more than ever the science of “toxic stress,” and how adversity experienced during pregnancy, infancy, and early childhood can interfere with children’s ability to reach their fullest potential.  Zero to Thrive aims to mitigate the impact of these risks through promotion of science, increased public awareness, and development and delivery of programs and services targeted at innovative solutions.  

Our Mission 

The mission of Zero to Thrive is to transform the lives of young vulnerable children and their families through multi-generational initiatives that will harness the academic strengths of the University of Michigan, engage communities, train the next generation of providers, and promote the long-term health and resilience of populations through research, partnership and service.

Our Vision

To spark vibrant interdisciplinary and cross-sector collaboration that will result in breakthrough, scientifically-based, real-world solutions to transform the health and well-being of families with young children from conception to early childhood and impact generations to come.

The Strong Roots Programs 

Our faculty develop and implement community-based programs that make a meaningful impact in the lives of children and families.  Several of our flagship programs are collectively called the “Strong Roots Programs”, and share a common focus on strengthening protective factors to promote child and family resilience.  These include Mom Power, Fraternity of Fathers, Strong Beginnings, Strong Military Families, Hearts and Minds on Babies, and the Thrive with Your Baby Clinic Each of these programs have been carefully developed in collaboration with community partners, and deliver an evidence-based curriculum designed to promote parent mental health, positive parenting, and strengthen resilience among families facing adversity.


Note: Resilience Rally attendees can access the Mom Power/Strong Roots supporting materials by clicking here.

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