Infant and Early Childhood Clinic

The Infant and Early Childhood Clinic provides state-of-the-art assessment, support and therapeutic intervention services to infants, toddlers, preschoolers and their families. 

While infancy and early childhood is often considered a time of learning, joy and connection, for many children and families this is also a time of challenge. Mental and behavioral health problems are common, even for very young children. The Infant and Early Childhood Clinic serves children who are struggling with behavioral or emotional concerns, or those who are at high risk for developing psychiatric or developmental difficulties. Because early family relationships are so important for all children, the evaluation process always involves extensive input from parents and primary caregivers. Many young children face stress and adversity, thus assessment and treatment approaches always consider the potential impact of trauma and chronic stress. Clinic evaluations incorporate state-of-the-art relational, developmental, and trauma-informed assessments and treatment, making this a destination for families across the region.

Families that might benefit from the Infant and Early Childhood Clinic include, but are not limited to, those with children who experience:

  • Anxiety and/or aggression
  • Developmental concerns
  • Foster care or a history of early relationship disruptions or losses
  • Difficulties with custody or visitation arrangements
  • Family stress and/or parent mental health concerns
  • A traumatic and/or highly distressing event
  • Difficulty in regulation (feeding, sleeping, self-soothing)

The Infant and Early Childhood Clinic helps families develop and nurture secure, joyful relationships, which in turn sets young children on a healthy developmental path, regardless of diagnosis.

Infant and Early Childhood Clinic team members are national experts in early childhood mental health and represent a range of disciplines, including psychology, psychiatry, and social work. Using evidence-based strategies for evaluating child behavior and development, as well as family strengths and challenges, the team provides families with support and resources to strengthen parenting and address children’s needs. In addition to a diagnostic assessment of the child, the Infant and Early Childhood Clinic provides parents with individually tailored support and guidance.

Services offered:

  • Developmental, relational, and trauma-informed assessment of the infant or young child
  • Video observation and review with parents to help identify areas of strength and concern, and to determine the most effective options for treatment
  • Referrals to effective treatments within the Department of Psychiatry or in the community. Treatment approaches include parent-child dyadic psychotherapy, family therapy, parent guidance, and multifamily group programs.

For more information or to schedule an evaluation, call 734-764-0231 and ask for the Infant and Early Childhood Clinic.