988 Lifeline Error

As of 10:00 am ET on Thursday, 12/1, the 988 Lifeline phone line  is experiencing service interruptions and it is impacting all calls. If you're in crisis and need support- text 988, visit the Lifeline Chat at, or call MiCAL at 1-844-446-4225 to connect with a trained crisis counselor. 

Michigan Psychiatry Resources for COVID-19

In this toolkit, our experts share mental health-related information in a variety of key areas.


Patient Care

The University of Michigan Department of Psychiatry offers inpatient and outpatient clinical services. Healthcare professionals from a broad range of clinical backgrounds dedicate their unique skills and expertise to treating patients during critical periods of need for psychiatric care.

Please note that our services are mostly evaluation and consultation services. This means that we provide you with an assessment/evaluation & treatment recommendations.

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The University of Michigan Department of Psychiatry is conducting research to improve our knowledge of depression, bipolar and anxiety disorders, addiction/substance abuse and other brain conditions.

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Michigan’s Medical School continually places in the top ten in national ranking. We’re proud to be recognized for the excellence of our programs and our students, who make significant contributions every day in our clinics, our labs, and the lives of our patients.

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To produce impactful research that promotes positive mental health; improve access to care; and deliver top-notch interprofessional training to all trainees so that they are equipped to meet patient needs as part of teams in the healthcare setting.


To lead and collaborate in the reduction of disease risk, promotion of mental health and well-being across the lifespan, and to treat and help individuals with mental illness achieve their highest potential.


  • Balanced compassion (for our patients and families, ourselves and each other) 
  • Understanding and helping the individual
  • Integrity & respect
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation and excellence
  • Education
  • Creating knowledge