Access at Michigan Medicine

The patient experience begins at the front door to Michigan Medicine.

UMHS Medical Campus

When parents are looking for a pediatrician for their newborn infant, when a son is trying to find the best cardiologist for his ailing father, when a woman receives a frightening diagnosis of ovarian cancer or when a community doctor has a patient with multiple diagnoses and needs help from a sub-specialist. Situations like these and more bring people to the front door of Michigan Medicine.


Access to Michigan Medicine means that the right doctor is available at the right time and the right place.

To improve the experience of accessing care, the Office of Patient Experience is working closely with patients, clinical departments, the University of Michigan Medical Group, and referring providers. The work involves understanding the demand for our services, managing our capacity so we can meet the demand, and improving our operations. 

Referring Providers

For many years, Michigan Medicine has maintained a close working relationship with referring providers. To learn more about services offered through MLINE, the physician referral service, click here

For more information about access initiatives at Michigan Medicine, please contact us.