Go Blue Huddles

About Huddles

A huddle is an opportunity to interact with your staff, preferably on a daily basis; it can help deepen your connection, influence, and guide your staff members. A huddle can be used as an opportunity to provide clarity of purpose, inspire, create a sense of urgency, and shape the course of events. Most importantly the Go Blue Huddle provides an opportunity to recognize someone during the huddle.

Benefits of Huddles

  • Opportunity to get to know your colleagues
  • Improve teamwork and communication
  • Acknowledgement of staff and efforts
  • Safe venue for staff to voice issues or concerns in an open, respectable manner

Huddles should be kept brief and should last 5-7 minutes.  Some teams choose to extend their discussions if time allows. Huddles can be led by anyone. In fact, we recommend encouraging staff to rotate the responsibility as it can help build leadership and engagement across the team. Include as many team members as possible during the huddle. 

All the Go Blue Huddles have been moved to a new Patient Experience Resource Hub. We will no longer be sending monthly emails with huddle information. Please visit the new site for updated content.