August 1, 2019

Wayfinding at Brighton Center for Specialty Care

In Fall 2018, the newest addition to Michigan Medicine, Brighton Center for Specialty Care (BCSC), opened. This 297,000 square foot, three level facility offers more than 50 adult and pediatric specialties under one roof.

To help patients navigate their care in this large facility, we recently kicked off a Digital Wayfinding Project. The goal is to pilot wayfinding tools and technology at BCSC in 2020. The project will go through the planning and selection process for technology and non-digital solutions to help patients and families find their way to and through BCSC. These solutions will be adaptable to those with mobility, cognitive, sensory, or cognitive challenges. This project includes the oversight of a steering committee as well as a working team with representatives from Office of Patient Experience patient and family advisors, BCSC clinicians and staff, Facilities, Operations and Ancillary Services and HITS.  The plan is to use what we learn at BCSC to expand to other sites and the main medical center.