April 23, 2020

Patient Experience Week 2020

Ideas to celebrate Patient Experience Week virtually, with a team or individually.

Patient Experience Week is celebrated from April 27 – May 1.  In past years, we have had a busy week of events to engage our entire Michigan Medicine community and recognize everyone who elevates the patient experience. While the current pandemic prevents us from hosting events, we can still honor the week while working from home.  Here are some ideas on how to celebrate Patient Experience Week:

  • Host a (virtual) breakfast or lunch for your staff to recognize their daily efforts and share stories from the Patient Story Library
  • Recognize employees in your areas with the attached “Compassionate Caregiver” certificate.
  • Host a (virtual) book/journal/podcast discussion centered on understanding and/or improving the patient experience. Some ideas:
  • Share a #HailToTheFrontLine message to recognize colleagues working to care for patients at https://www.uofmhealth.org/hail-to-the-front-line
  • Take the Patient Experience Week Challenge - download toolkit below.




Toolkit contains the Compassionate Caregiver certificate and the PX Week Challenge.