January 4, 2021

Couple Fulfills Dream to Become Dads Through Surrogacy

After welcoming their son, couple helps Michigan Medicine launch first peer mentor program for same sex couples expecting babies through surrogacy.

These days, Adam Taylor describes his days as sleepless, chaotic and blurry.

Another word comes to mind too: joy.

“I’ve always wanted to be a dad,” says Adam while rocking his six-month-old son to sleep.

But for Adam and husband Doug, starting a family meant a three-year journey full of setbacks, numerous court procedures and major expenses. 

After a childhood friend offered to carry their baby through surrogacy, the couple were finally able to fulfill their dream.

In June, they welcomed their blonde, blue-eyed son, Jeremy, at Michigan Medicine.

“He makes it all worth it,” Adam says. “People keep asking us what we want for Christmas. I just tell them this is it. We already have it.”

And today, Adam is the first mentor for a new patient support group launched through Michigan Medicine’s patient experience program for same sex couples expecting babies through surrogacy.

“When we started sharing our story, people began reaching out to ask us about the process and how we did it. We want to bring visibility to families like ours,” Adam says. “It’s hard to imagine being a gay father when you have no models or examples to look up to."