Radiation Oncology

Welcome to the Department of Radiation Oncology

The goal of the department is to constantly improve and deliver the best possible patient care. We believe the way to work toward this goal is to integrate patient care, research, and education so that even the most basic biological or physics research is translational, and all patient care is truly personalized medicine. 

Each day our patient care teams of physicians, nurses, physicists and dosimetrists, radiation therapists, social workers, and support staff work with patients to assess needs, develop treatment plans and administer radiation therapy. To accomplish this we have clinical facilities in Ann Arbor, Brighton, Grand Rapids, Wyoming, Alpena, Novi, and Southfield.

We both initiate and participate in clinical trials to develop the next generations of treatment and care, often in cooperation with other departments at UM and with other institutions throughout the country. Underpinning these trials is cutting-edge research carried out by the physicians, biologists and physicists in the department. The work of the biologists has led to important advances in the understanding of cancer biology and thus treatment. Our physicists have made major contributions in terms of the delivery of radiation therapy so that now it is more accurately delivered to and is guided by real-time imaging while our physicians, in collaboration with the biologists and physicists, continually seek new ways to combine therapies and determine the most effective delivery of these treatments.

These advances would be less significant if we did not continue to educate new physicians, therapists and physicists. Some stay at Michigan, but many have gone on to be leaders, some chairing departments, at other institutions both in the US and abroad and also in private practice. Details of our accomplishments and ongoing work are highlighted below and in the various sections of this site.

Faculty Spotlight:

Glioblastoma multidisciplinary clinical trial

A new clinical trial from a team at the University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center uses innovative basic science research methods to offer hope and a new treatment to glioblastoma patients. A collaborative team of Rogel physicians, led by Daniel Wahl, MD, PhD, hopes that grounding their trial in rigorous and innovative biology from the very beginning will help this approach succeed where so many other potential glioblastoma treatments have failed.

Resident Spotlight:

Resident Research Forum Winner

The Michigan Radiological Society selected Anna Laucis, MD, MPhil as the First Place Abstract winner in the 14th Annual Resident Research Forum in February 2021. Her abstract title is: Lower Baseline Apparent Diffusion Coefficient Values Associated with Poor Prognosis in Locally Advanced Pancreatic Cancer.


Galaxy sculpture at Assarian
October 7, 2021

Galaxy Sculpture at Novi

Nancy Heers donates sculpture made by her late husband to Assarian Cancer Center

Anna Laucis
March 31, 2021

ASCO Connection

Anna Laucis, MD, MPhil discusses Re-Engineering the Health Care Code: The Reality of Genetic Codes and Zip Codes in the Context of Social Determinants of Health