Donna Eder Service Excellence Award

This award was named after Donna Eder who served 41-1/2 years in our Department in a variety of roles and culminating as our Human Resources Director. During those years, she provided outstanding service to faculty, staff, trainees and colleagues. Her ethics, dependability, understanding of human resource issues, mentorship and loyalty to the Department and the University were remarkable.

Below are the recipients of this award along with comments submitted by their colleagues.


Kim Garver

Assistant Professor | Breast Imaging

"Dr. Garver approaches staff and patients with compassion, honesty, and kindness. She treats others as if they were her own family, respecting their needs and making accommodations for them. An example includes doing a three-site breast biopsy over lunch on a young female patient that had very suspicious imaging findings for malignancy. She is always considering others' concerns and opinions in departmental decisions."

Brian McEvoy

Patient Care Technical Associate | Cross-sectional

"Brian’s jovial personality and knowledge often helps reassure patients and helps them get through the procedure. Several of the patients who come in for repeat procedures look forward to seeing him. As mentioned above, Brian’s good nature and kindness is always appreciated during the procedures which are often quite stressful for patients."

Carol Kruise

Administrative Assistant Senior | Breast Imaging

"Carol's concern for her colleagues and her willingness to help everyone is outstanding. She is positive, and friendly and has never denied a request for assistance. Carol is a wealth of knowledge from her many years in Radiology and is constantly called on by people from across the department to answer questions or to assist with IT issues. She is a valued and well-loved part of our team."

Todd Rapcka

MRI Technologist | Brighton Center for Specialty Care

"Todd will keep working on a problem until everyone has what they need to give our patients the best care and experience possible. He listens to patients' concerns and takes his time to make sure they are comfortable with the exam they are scheduled for. His tone of voice always sounds very caring. Also, if there are any concerns in the department, he will immediately start looking for answers and solutions."


Poppy Cilibraise

Ultrasound Technologist | Breast Imaging

"Poppy proactively puts herself "in a patient's shoes" and voices how to make changes that will make the patient experience in breast imaging better. Poppy is the type of coworker who inspires others to be better in their experiences with patients."

Lois Hamilton

Patient Service Associate | Brighton Center for Specialty Care

"Lois always demonstrates a positive and professional demeanor with patients, families and colleagues. Anyone that works with her has benefitted from her generous and unselfish attitude."

Tresa Griffith

Administrative Manager | QA and Regulatory Compliance

"Tresa encourages all staff and creates a positive and comfortable atmosphere for them to ask questions and gain knowledge. She’s an exceptional listener and keeps an open mind in order to implement solutions to problems."


Shaun Esch

MRI Supervisor

“His help puts people at ease and comfort in order to be able to conquer the day the best way possible!”

“Shaun is really easy to talk to, takes the time to truly listen to concerns even when coworkers are interrupting his own work and makes a conscious effort to solve any problem you bring his way. He always makes you feel like you both are on the same team and checks in often to see how things are running. I know I can always go to Shaun when I need help with something!”

Annie Hatfield

Lead CT Tech | Ambulatory Imaging Sites

“She helps everyone.”

“She takes care of people. She is a kind person and a wonderful listener. People turn to Annie often for help or advice and she gladly offers it. She is genuine, trusting, honest and compassionate. She is an amazing individual who is definitely appreciated by her managers and her techs.”

Sue Pham-Terski

Patient Services Associate | Brighton Center for Specialty Care

“Sue is always thinking of others.”

“Sue is the most considerate and thoughtful person.”

“Sue is the heart of our department.”


Angela Bladecki

Lead Radiologic Tech | Taubman, Cancer and Cardiovascular Center

“Angela is ALWAYS professional. She brings a positive high energy and a personal touch to everything she does. For example, she will be the first person to text us in the morning if the roads are bad from the weather, or if we had a rough busy day at work, she will send a text out to all of us saying what a great job we did.”

Ronetta Elmore

Reading Room Coordinator | MRI, MRI Neuro and Body Reading Room

“Ronetta is always smiling and has a "can do" attitude. Even when asked to help in something that is not directly in her scope of practice, she is willing to do so without hesitation or criticism. I have never heard her complain. Ever. I wish we had 100 people like Ronetta in our department.”

Beatric Garwood

Financial Specialist

“Regardless of the situation, Bea is always treating those around her with the upmost respect and compassion. She is always willing to go above and beyond to help those around her and to make sure they succeed. I can’t say enough positive things about Bea. She is helpful, empathetic, and a go-to person for many things.”

Susan Lawson

Nuclear Medicine Tech

“Sue engages with patients and treats them with the utmost respect. Every patient is greeted with a smile and ‘Hi, I’m Sue, I will be taking care of you today.’ She responds to staff in the same manner. Positive and always attentive.”


Dr. Diana Gomez-Hassan

Clinical Associate Professor | Neuroradiology

"Dr. Gomez-Hassan is the first person who comes to mind when you think of someone you would want caring for a family member. She treats everyone she encounters with respect.  She is 100% committed and devoted to our department and the well being of the patients we care for... Dr. Gomez-Hassan, is truly the example to follow.  When you think of impact words such as; Leader, Integrity, Professionalism, Kindness, Accountability, Dedication, Compassion and Knowledge, Dr. Gomez-Hassan is this!"

Rose Wallace

Senior Administrative Assistant | Neuroradiology

"Rose continuously goes beyond the call of duty to help each of us in the division. While she is not my direct administrative assistant, she looks out for my best interest and goes out of her way to keep me informed about divisional, departmental and hospital wide issues. She works beyond normal work hours to do all the above things. She truly is "our divisional mom." ... Always pleasant; cares about the people she works with; is concerned about "doing the right thing"; most important, as previously mentioned, she sees things through to resolution -- does not just assume that someone else will take care of things."


Karen Facer

Nurse Educator
Karen Facer

"Karen works seamlessly with other department teams. As our nurse educator in Radiology she has guided us nurses through a multitude of changes with Michart and Radiant as well as taking on the daily educational requirements. Karen is a true professional and patient advocate! She not only supports Radiology Nursing in all aspects, she shares her extensive knowledge in all she does as a mentor, educator, and bedside with patients and families."



Cheryl Kucharski

MRI Manger

"Cheryl is a very caring person who always shows empathy to her employees when difficult times arise. I have seen her give words of inspiration to her staff on many different occasions when life becomes overwhelming. I have also been on the receiving end of encouraging words from Cheryl during a tough period in my life. Cheryl is a beloved University of Michigan institutional treasure. She is loyal, warm, kind, caring, friendly, funny, and compassionate to everyone she meets and helps everyone along her way. Cheryl is devoted to her family at home, and considers everyone here at UM to be an extension of her family and demonstrates this belief every day."

Sherry Rader

Project Manager

"Sherry is vital to the success of the department. She works with many managers to help ensure our projects are completed and built properly. She is irreplaceable when it comes to project design and flow. This is the basis for customer satisfaction and service to have facilities that are warm and inviting."


Glenn Houck

Manager | MRI University Hospital

"Glenn has been the MRI manager for the better part of the last two years. During that time, there have been many challenges that have come his way. He has been responsive and proactive when dealing with issues. He has a very positive attitude and presents that each and every day. He approached concerns by looking for solutions as opposed to providing reasons why he cannot solve the issue. The environment in MR continues to move forward and the team are working very effectively together. He has done a wonderful job of developing a strong leadership team who together with Glenn effectively meet the challenges that arise with a positive, "can do" attitude."

Brittany French

MRI Tech | MRI University Hospital

"Brittany is always very positive and professional with everyone she encounters. She works very closely with all of the techs, Radiologists, Mangers, GA staff and patients. She is always upbeat and very cheerful. Brittany works individually with us if she has to when a new protocol is going to be used. She never allows us to be set up for failure. She is always trying to stay ahead of things so that we are ready to go when our patient shows up for his/her scan. Whatever the situation she is a role model to all of us."


Cindy Patierno

Administrative Manager | East Ann Arbor and Brighton Center for Specialty Care
2015 Service Excellence Award

“I liken Cindy to the Bob Ross of our Department, as she is constantly and consistently speaking of 'The Big Picture' - Why we are here, the purpose we serve on a daily basis, and the impacts we create that forms a ripple effect for our customers, families, and coworkers. She uses real-time examples and situations to put issues into perspective for employees, allowing them to see our overall Radiology Department and University's never ending objective of; elite patient care, quality imaging, extraordinary service, and honest compassion for those we serve.”

Lisa Robbins

Administrative Assistant | Breast Imaging
Eder Award - Robbins

“Lisa leads by example. Each time she speaks with a co-worker, faculty member or supervisor she speaks in a positive manner and does not focus on mistakes or who did what but strives to make the right decision to solve the problems. Her patient interactions are truly amazing!”


Anna Fox

Physician Assistant | Cross-sectional
Giovanna Fox, PA

“Not only does Anna provide excellent care, the clinical services acknowledge Anna as an integral part of the of CSIR [Cross Sectional Interventional Radiology] care. Referring physicians often urge their patients to call her to answer questions and explain the procedures in order to soothe patients and allay any anxiety they may have.”


Amy Spencer

Manager | GME Program Administrator
Amy Spencer

“[Amy] is so kind and so willing to help anyone that comes into her office. I have witnessed on countless occasions, Amy lending a helping hand regardless of what task she is completing. There is no end to Amy's dedication and heart when it comes to others. Amy treats everyone as if they are close friends, and it is truly an inspiration.”


Karen Keast

Administrative Director

"Karen is always sensitive to the needs of her employees, no matter how trivial they may seem to others. She always takes time out of her busy schedule to discuss any issues which are important to her staff. Karen is also a person of great integrity, she gives her managers constructive feedback on occasion and coaches and mentors them in a way where they can learn and grow from their experiences. Karen is the kind of person that people feel comfortable speaking with. She offers great advice and is a great listener. Karen always goes out of her way to give positive recognition."


Todd Mapes

Reading Room Coordinator | Cardiothoracic, UH
Todd Mapes

"Mr. Mapes is very warm and welcoming to everyone he meets and interacts with …. [He] is very friendly and he makes a little small talk to put everyone at their ease. Mr. Mapes always makes you [the person he is dealing with] feel like his priority or the center of his attention. [Todd] is respectful of the patients that we care for and to everyone he meets. [He] always manages to skillfully and diplomatically and tactfully negotiate the timeliness of the reporting, between the radiologist and the clinician. Mr. Mapes is extremely efficient, being able to accomplish tasks for the rest of us, quickly and correctly."


Ellen Higgins

Physician Assistant | Cross-sectional
Ellen Higgins and Donna Eder

“She is always willing to accommodate patient needs and clinical services. The interventional service has many patients who have multiple repeated procedures …. Her pleasant, caring nature and significant skill are obvious to these patients, leading them to request that she personally perform their interventions …. She is always pleasant and treats everyone with respect.”