Direct Electronic Radiology Imaging Sends From Non UMHS Facilities


Where did your patient have their radiology imaging done?

  • If the answer is any of the below listed sites you can request that the imaging be sent electronically.
  • Patient must first have a UM Medical Record Number. Create one if the patient is new to our system.
  • Requisition must be created and associated with a MiChart order. Fax printed order to UM radiology customer service center at: 734-936-8280.

MiChart "Outside Image Archive Only” orders generate NO cost/bill to the patient.

MiChart “Outside Image Interpret and Archive” orders will generate an interpretation by expert sub-specialty radiologists upon completion of the MiChart order. Stat reads can be accommodated when clinically indicated. Outside Image Interpret and Archive” will generate a cost to the patient’s insurance.

Call the non-UMHS hospital’s radiology file room, listed below, to have images electronically uploaded to the University of Michigan.

Non-UMHS hospitals may require Patient Name, DOB, study dates before transferring images to UMHS.

Questions? Call the University of Michigan Radiology Customer Service Center: 734-936-4516

Alpena Regional Medical Center

Phone: 989-356-7575
Fax: 989-356-7551

Hurley Medical Center

Phone: 810-262-7099

Marquette General Hospital

Phone: 906-225-3448
Fax: 906-225-7753

McLaren Northern Michigan


Phone: 231-487-4182
Fax: 231-487-4192

Metro Health

Phone: 616-252-7159
Fax: 616-252-6990

Monroe Mercy Memorial

Phone: 734-240-5600

Lakeland Regional Hospital

St. Joseph

Phone: 269-428-2005

Muskegon Mercy Health

Mercy Campus:

Monday - Friday: 6:30 am to 8:30 pm
Sat, Sun and Holidays: 7:45 am - 5:15 pm
Phone: 231-672-3955
Fax (please send reports): 231-672-6716

After Hours Help:
Mercy Campus CT
Phone: 231-672-6702 

Otsego Hospital


Phone: 989-731-2175
Fax: 989-731-2479

ProMedica Health System

Bay Park
St. Luke’s
Toledo Childrens

Phone: 419-291-3915
Fax: 419-479-6933

Regional Medical Imaging (RMI)


Phone: 810-732-1846
Fax: 810-732-8959

Saint Mary Mercy Grand Rapids

Phone: 616-685-6214 option 3
Fax: 616-685-3011



Requesting Exams from Outside Hospitals via lifeIMAGE:

Exams can be requested from the medical centers below to be electronically sent via lifeIMAGE either by fax or phone. For lifeIMAGE training, please contact Jim Good at phone number 734-936-1423.

Allegiance Health


Phone: 517-788-4911 or 517-788-4924
Fax: 517-788-4985

Beaumont Health System

Beaumont Royal Oak: Fax 248-551-0374 or phone 248-551-3400

Beaumont Troy Imaging Center: Fax 248-964-8640 or phone 248-964-8603

Borgess Hospital

To request images call 269-226-4832, 7:00 am - 3:30 pm M-F.

After hours is 269-226-6708. Fax number is 269-226-7766

Bronson Health

Bronson Radiology: Fax 269-341-6250  or phone 269-341-6381 and phone 269-341-8461 (All Radiology requests will be processed next business day unless stated STAT/Emergent)

Bronson Cardiovascular Services (Adult Echo): Fax 269-341-6291 or phone 269-341-6161

Bronson Advanced Cardiac (Adult Echo): Fax 269-373-6270 or phone 269-373-1222

Bronson Pediatric Cardiology: Fax 269-341-8984 or phone 269-341-7976

Covenant Healthcare

Covenant Healthcare Radiology: Fax 989-583-7029 or phone 989-583-6272

Covenant Healthcare Cardiology: Fax 989-583-7151 or phone 989-583-7150

Henry Ford Health System

Henry Ford Main Imaging Center: Fax 313-916-7760 or phone 313-916-1316

Mid Michigan Hospital


Phone: 989-839-3575
Fax: 989-839-1890

Munson Healthcare

Charlevoix Area Hospital
Kalkaska Memorial Health Center
Mercy Hospital Cadillac
Mercy Hospital Grayling
Munson Community Health Center
Munson Medical Center
Northwest Michigan Surgery Center
Otsego Memorial Hospital
Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital
Smith Family Breast Health Center
West Shore Medical Center

Phone: 231-935-6400 option 3
Fax: 231-935-3204

Oakwood Healthcare

Oakwood Imaging Center: Fax 313-436-2295 or phone 313-593-7281

Oakwood Cardiology: Fax 313-593-8822 or phone 313-593-7975

Saint Joseph Mercy Health System

St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor
St. Joseph Mercy Brighton
St. Joseph Mercy Canton
St. Joseph Mercy Livingston
St. Joseph Mercy Saline
Chelsea Community Hospital
St. Mary Mercy Livonia

Phone (M-F, 7a-4p): 734-712-3085
After hours/weekends: 734-712-7237
Fax: 734-712-3053

Spectrum Health System

Spectrum Health Cardiology Imaging Center: Fax 616-391-2299 or phone 616-391-1852

Spectrum Health Radiology Imaging Center: Fax 616-774-7940 or phone 616-391-1812

In an effort to improve the process for importing outside images, Ambulatory Care has purchased a product from LifeIMAGE ( to be implemented institution wide.

  1. LifeIMAGE LILA allows clinics to upload their own CDs and “nominate” them to Radiology to be uploaded into the PACS. The advantages of using LifeIMAGE are users no longer have to make a trip to Radiology to drop their CDs to be uploaded and the clinicians will be able to view these exams right away in LifeIMAGE before they are uploaded to the WebPACS.
  2. LifeIMAGE Referral Box/permanent connections allow outside institutions to electronically send outside imaging exams to UMHS to be reviewed by clinicians and imported into the patient’s medical records.
  3. LifeIMAGE One-Time-Use Credentials Feature allows patients and outside institutions to upload their imaging exams and send them electronically to UMHS to be reviewed by clinicians and imported into the patient’s medical records.