The Terry M. Silver Collegiate Professorship in Radiology

Terry M. Silver Professorship

In his 38 year career at the University of Michigan, Dr. Silver was a dedicated educator, mentor and clinician. His leadership in clinical ultrasound and teaching will leave a lasting legacy through those he trained. Realizing the growing need for education in ultrasound, Dr. Silver developed courses that taught sonographers, medical students, radiology residents and fellows. His excellence in teaching has advanced the field through those he’s trained both at Michigan and around the world.

It is this kind of vitality and excellence that makes the University of Michigan one of the most esteemed in the nation, able to attract and retain talent of the highest caliber. It is also what the community served by U-M's Health System has come to expect and from which it benefits.

The Terry M. Silver Collegiate Professorship in Radiology seeks to both honor Dr. SIlver's contributions and to ensure that the pursuit of excellence Dr. Silver exemplifies continues to thrive in the department.

"Dr. Silver’s dedication to education was evident not only in his daily teaching on the clinical service, but also the courses he organized in ultrasound. He was the leading force in establishing the successful model for the University of Michigan Radiology CME course in Phoenix. This course has become the model for all of our off site courses.”


"Dr. Silver was one of the true pioneers of clinical Ultrasound. His passion and knowledge enabled him to have a significant impact on his field both locally and nationally for many years. His legacy in Ultrasound is still felt today at Michigan thru the many residents, fellows and faculty he trained and mentored."


"Terry Silver was a pioneer in the development of diagnostic ultrasound both at the University of Michigan and nationally. He taught a generation of fellows and residents the importance of this emerging modality. He remained a friend and colleague to me and many others throughout his career."


"In addition to his legacy as an ultrasound pioneer, I remember the times when Terry the master educator was "at the alternator" surrounded by attentive residents and medical students who were transfixed by his explanations of anatomy and disease as seen through diagnostic imaging. He charmed them through his knowledge, charisma and passion for seeing the light bulb go off over their heads!"


"I first met Terry after arriving in Ann Arbor to pursue a residency in Internal Medicine. I frequently took the bus to work at 7am. One January day when the bus was late, a car pulled up and this guy asked me if I wanted a ride. Turned out, the driver was Terry doing a good deed. We talked a lot about new developments in Radiology which sparked my interest in the field. I will always remember that day when a generous stranger offered me a ride."


Terry M. Silver Collegiate Professorship in Radiology Recipients