June 2, 2014

Outstanding Clinician Award/Lifetime Achievement Award in Clinical Care

Richard K. J. Brown, MD, received the Dean's Outstanding Clinician Award 2014

This award recognizes the exemplary performance of a practicing clinician or program leader of innovation in clinical care. Examples include outstanding service as a medical director of a clinical program, development of clinical care management programs or new care models, leading the development of evidence-based practice guidelines or an institutional quality improvement initiative. This award carries a $5,000 discretionary academic support prize for the faculty member or group.

Past Winners of Outstanding Clinician Award in Radiology:

2013 - David M. Williams, MD

2012 - Douglas J. Quint, MD

2010 - Mark A. Halevie, MD

2009 - L. Paul Sonda, MD

2006 - Barry H. Gross, MD

Past Winners of Lifetime Achievement Award in Clinical Care (established in 2012) in Radiology:

2012 - Michael A. DiPietro, MD