March 23, 2015

Faculty and House Officers Recive Awards at the 2014 STR Annual Meeting

Ayman Gaballah
Ayman Gaballah, MD, FRCR

Cum Laude

Diagnosis and Management of Non-ischemic Heart Disease: Role of Non-invasive Imaging Modalities
Ayman Gaballah, MD, FRCR
Mueller G, Frank L and Stojanovska J





David Brandel
David Brandel, MD

Certificate of Merit

Radiation Risks Associated with Lung Cancer Screening: Real or Myth?
David Brandel, MD
Frank L, Christodoulou E and Kazerooni E

Prachi Agarwal
Prachi Agarwal, MBBS

Overall Winner – Prachi Agarwal, MBBS