Research Staff

Tamara Harper, LPN, CCRC, has worked in adult general and surgical medicine, pediatrics, new born nursery and labor and delivery. Just prior to coming to the University of Michigan she worked in a busy OB/GYN practice. Before starting her research career she worked in Radiology recovery, where patients were prepared for, and recovered from their interventional procedures. During this period of time she had a dual position working half of her appointment for Dr. Williams reviewing records to determine stent life (time from placement to intervention) for various radiology procedures. Tamara has over 16 years of research experience with one device trial and multiple contrast media trials. She has been the department’s regulatory specialist preparing all IRB submissions, maintaining regulatory binders for all physician initiated trials without a dedicated coordinator and performing internal audits of ongoing radiology trials both sponsored and unsponsored for the past 14 years. As a Clinical Project Manager she provides pricing quotes, pre and post award activities, budget and contract negotiations, manages radiology coordinator staff. Tamara has recently started working on grant submissions and administration.

James Pool, CCRP, is a clinical research coordinator experienced in radiology trials including pediatric studies. He is currently coordinating nine trials and is also maintaining the regulatory aspect of HUD device usage in interventional radiology and neurosurgery. James has eight years of coordinating experience.