Tania Rahman

Tania Rahman, MD

Class of 2018
Co-Chief Resident


Undergraduate Degree and School: Bachelors of Arts (BA) in Chemistry at Hanover College (Hanover, Indiana)

Medical School: Indiana University School of Medicine

Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana

Career or fellowship interests: Radiology residency is full of many interesting rotations and I have especially enjoyed my Abdominal, Breast, and Interventional Radiology rotations. I also have an interest in leadership and administration and am participating in the Healthcare Administration Scholars Program.

Hobbies: I enjoy traveling, visiting different countries, and learning about new cultures. I also like to paint abstract art, exercise, and do yoga in my spare time.

Favorite thing to do in Ann Arbor: Ann Arbor is a great town for outdoor activities. I love canoeing along the Huron River by my apartment complex, going for a run in the Nichol’s Arboretum, and exploring Main Street on the weekends with friends.