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-- Providing the best care possible using the the latest approaches, some developed in our own laboratories


Isadore Lampe
Isadore Lampe, MD (1932-1975)

Radiation Oncology at the University of Michigan began as part of the Radiology Department under the leadership of Dr. Isadore Lampe. In 1984, it became a separate department chaired by Allen Lichter, MD. Dr Lichter led the department's efforts to become a leader in the field. He encouraged physics research leading to the development of computerized treatment planning, clinical trials validating IMRT and other new therapies as well as cancer biology investigations both at the basic science level and as translational work leading to clinical trials. Dr Lichter also helped establish the first of the department's community practices outside of Ann Arbor. In 1997, Dr. Lichter became Dean of the University of Michigan Medical School, and Theodore Lawrence, MD, PhD became first Interim Chair and then Chair. Dr. Lawrence has continued to advance both clinical care and research, emphasizing collaboration among the department’s Clinical, Physics, and Cancer Biology divisions. At the clinical level, the department continues to emphasize individualized care and treatment with its "lean" practices, designed to make the treatment process simpler and reduce wait times. From the beginning, the department's mission has included education as well as clinical care and research. We are proud that our residents have gone on to become leaders in the field, both in academic settings and in private practice.