Dan McShan

Daniel McShan, PhD

Professor Emeritus

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Administrative Contact

Linda Hearing


Dr. McShan joined the department in September,1984 working as a Medical Physicist under Dr. Fraass. Drs. McShan and Fraass wrote the software for the UMPLAN treatment planning system the first fully 3-D planning system. The system allowed multi-modality images to be used for planning along with beam’s eye view visualization for placement and shaping of beams. This system was used for routine clinical treatments in our clinic and at our affiliated clinics for over 25 years.

Dr. McShan worked on interfacing treatment planning data with one of the first treatment machines (Scanditronic Racetrack Microtron) with computer controlled multi-leaf collimator and motion control, which made it possible for treatment plans to be electronically downloaded to the treatment machine. The same system was adapted to work with other treatment machines.

Dr. McShan has also worked on integrating radiation dose calculation algorithms (convolution superposition and Monte-Carlo calculations) and on development of intensity modulated optimization.

Dr. McShan is an occasional instructor for radiatiation physics residents and therapy students and mentor for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

Areas of Interest

  • Adaptive /individualized treatment 
  • MIGA (multiple instance geometry approximation) for estimating dose accounting for position uncertainties.
  • DTD (dose to date) for computing total dose over fractionated treatments taking into account geometry distortions.
  • Bio effective dose calculations for optimization
  • Functional image weighted optimization for differential adjustment to dose taking into account functional factors
  • Bayesian decision support for radiation therapy
  • Knowledge Guided Radiation Therapy (KGRT) 
  • Ontology framework
  • Workflow
  • Clinical decision support
  • Treatment planning directives

Clinical Interests

  • Radiation treatment planning
  • Computer application support

Honors & Awards

Fellow of the American Medical Physics society (FAAPM)


PhD: Purdue University, 1971


5 P01 CA059827-20: Optimization of High Dose Conformal Therapy NIH-DHHS-US- 92-3163; 05-5000; 13-PAF01194
Co-PI with Effort (Principal Investigator: Ten Haken,  Randall  K;Lawrence, Theodore S)

Published Articles or Reviews

Selected from 47 publications

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519 W William St
Ann Arbor, MI 48103-4943