Resident Highlights

Perspectives from residents on their favorite aspects of the program and their accomplishments/awards.

Resident Reflections

Whitney Hitchcock
“I love that on a given Friday, I can ride my bike to and from work, laugh hysterically in the resident room, take care of patients alongside our dedicated faculty and outstanding team of physicists, dosimetrists, therapists, and medical assistants, then go out downtown for a cocktail and food. I will sorely miss this department, U of M, and Ann Arbor!”


Anna Laucis

“This department actively supports wellness initiatives including a resident wellness program with healthy snacks, regular social outings, and opportunities to create life-long friendships with colleagues”

Steven Allen

“I love the collegial, personable atmosphere that permeates the department – from the Chair to the Therapists. It makes working at Michigan Medicine a pleasure. My co-residents are amazingly talented and fun to be around creating a special resident room vibe. A small part of the day I look forward to is 3:30pm LaCroix time to slow down for some hydration, conversation, and relaxation. I find too, that Ann Arbor has big shoes for a small-ish city, and I enjoy making the rounds of my favorite classics (Knight’s Downtown, Nagomi Sushi, and Raven’s Club) and the steady rotation of new establishments on the eatery and drink scene. Summer when the undergrads leave finds the city bustling with great outdoor activities and large events, but the youthful scene is renewed again in the fall with their return to campus and the start of the exciting Michigan Football season. It was an easy choice for me to want to stay in Ann Arbor and continue my training here with my wife and daughter!”