How to Apply

Admission Requirements

The Department of Radiation Oncology typically advertises for candidates approximately twice a year. Candidates should have a Ph.D. in medical physics, physics, engineering, or related fields, and must be willing to commit 2 - 3 years to the residency program. Candidates must demonstrate they have completed the minimum undergraduate and graduate didactic prerequisites as defined by the ABR and CAMPEP (see the recommended course list on page 5 of AAPM Report #197S and CAMPEP's letter to program directors). Each resident’s performance and progress will be documented monthly by the program director and following each rotation by the faculty mentor. Following a review of these documents, the program director and residency committee reserve the right to dismiss residents who fail to demonstrate competency, responsibility, industriousness, and ethical behavior.

Resident Statistics

A summary of the annual number of candidates that apply, are accepted, and graduate from the University of Michigan Radiation Oncology residency program is presented below.


Applications: 65

Acceptances: 2

Graduations: 0


Applications: 47

Acceptances: 1

Graduations: 2


Applications: 44

Acceptances: 2

Graduations: 2


Applications: 55

Acceptances: 3

Graduations: 3


Applications: 58

Acceptances: 1

Graduations: 1


Applications: 70

Acceptances: 2

Graduations: 1


Applications: 49

Acceptances: 2

Graduations: 1


Applications: 14

Acceptances: 2

Graduations: 2


Applications: 102

Acceptances: 1

Graduations: 2


Applications: 78

Acceptances: 1


*Program recruited outside of the Med Phys Match cycle, and did not participate in the Match during these years.

Contact and Apply

The University of Michigan medical physics residency program will be accepting applications for the clinical academic residency beginning in July 2018. Our next available position will be available in January 2018. Please visit the AAPM MP-RAP website to apply to our program. 

Questions regarding our program can be submitted to: [email protected]

For further information on the field of medical physics please visit the AAPM website.