April 18, 2017

Lori Pierce, MD honored by United Way

Lori Pierce & Tony Denton honored by United Way
Lori Pierce, MD & Tony Denton

Congratulations to Tony Denton, senior vice president and chief operating officer of the U-M Health System, and Lori Pierce, M.D., professor of radiation oncology and vice provost for academic and faculty affairs, who were recently honored by the United Way of Washtenaw County.

The pair received the Robert E. Guenzel Award, the top annual honor given to area United Way supporters for their help in the community.

Denton and Pierce were lauded for their dedication, vision, creativity, passion and determination to help raise funds and improve the lives of thousands of area residents.

“We feel incredibly grateful to receive this award from the United Way of Washtenaw County,” Denton said. “The organization does such a remarkable job in helping those in our community; it’s the least we can do to give back and work to improve the lives of those around us.”

Denton and Pierce served as the chairs of the most recent leadership giving campaign for the United Way of Washtenaw County and next year will transition into their role as general campaign chairs.

Deb Bratkovich of the United Way of Washtenaw County said Denton and Pierce are an integral part of the organization’s success.

“Tony and Lori work hard to make so many people aware of social and financial issues in Washtenaw County and ask them to help alleviate those issues,” Bratkovich said. “Almost 40 percent of residents in our county need some sort of assistance, and many don’t have the ability to make their voice heard. Tony and Lori go out of their way to advocate for them — and for that, we’re all thankful.”

Interested in supporting the United Way of Washtenaw County? Visit the U-M United Way website.