June 7, 2017

New temporary vault comes to Alpena Clinic

When it was time to replace the original and only treatment machine in Alpena… a 2100 EX installed in 2001… with a new Varian TrueBeam, it was decided to build a “temporary” vault just outside the medical center rather than send patients to clinics in other parts of the state.

"Temporary" vault at Alpena

This was the same strategy successfully adopted at University Hospital several years ago. The new facility, built by Rad Technology Medical System uses their patented system called TRV (Temporary Vault System). The facility is equipped with a pre-commissioned Varian linear accelerator, a reception area, waiting room, office space and a restroom. In addition to the new TRV facility, Alpena also recently installed a new CT Sim developed by Siemens which uses new technology called DirectDensity that dramatically reduces metal/image artifacts.

The new temporary facility went live this past Monday (June 5th) with patient treatments not missing a beat. It was team effort and everyone involved is to be congratulated!