February 26, 2018

Stairway to Seven

...where a better life is at the ISOCENTER of a 3-field plan to better Fuel, Energy, and Spirit

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So you dropped your new year's resolution? Surprisingly, only about 8% percent of folks say they achieve their goal, according to Forbes Magazine. So what is a person to do? Love yourself and love your goals!

Stairway to Seven
  1. FORGIVE YOURSELF! Reflect on why you chose your resolution and what lead you to give up on your goal.
  2. BREAK IT DOWN. Perhaps breaking it down in to a more manageable goal would help you hop back on the wagon. Remember, you are in control of your goals.
  3. REMINDERS. Always remind yourself of why you set the goal and that you WILL DO it!
  4. BUDDY UP. Grab a buddy and talk about your goals; a good friend can be one of your greatest champions.



Brain food

Second Chance Diet

How many of us start the year with sincere diet aspirations only to find them slowly slip away as our busy lives take over? This can be all too common, especially if our goals were too lofty. Lucky for us, we always get a second chance! As we resolve to “take another swing” it might pay to keep a few things in mind.

The Long Haul

Make small, realistic, reasonable changes. Make up your mind that you are changing your habits for life, not just for a month or two. You will be surprised that even small changes will have additional positive side effects. For example, eating oatmeal for breakfast is nutritious fiber, but it also replaces high-sugar alternatives like pastry. Skipping the pasta or bread means you will inevitably replace it with nutrient-dense fibrous greens and extra vegetables. Over time, cravings for sugary foods will naturally fade as your gut microbiome changes from “sweets-loving yeast” to “fiber-loving good bacteria.” Believe it or not, a good night’s sleep also reduces your cravings drastically. It’s a long haul, so only weigh yourself once/week. Reward yourself with something (other than food!) when you succeed!

Importance of Preparation

The importance of proper prior preparation cannot be overstated when we engage ourselves in the “battle of the bulge.” It is handy to make a shopping list template that has all the usual healthy vegetables that we need for the preparation of salads, snacks, and side dishes. This will help form habits that make a life change easier. Cutting up all your veggie snacks for the week is a handy tip. Also, making an extra entrée at dinner time means you will have lunch ready for the next day. This reduces your chances of eating unhealthy/high-preservative/fake fat bought lunches that you might regret later. Always have snacks on hand that are in your best interest to eat. This will stop you from raiding the chocolates in the lounge!


  • Take the stairs!
  • Keep track of your steps using a Fitbit-type device or a pedometer
  • Find a workout buddy to help keep you accountable
  • Join a gym
  • Try out a new sport
  • Buy a yoga mat or join in on a yoga class with friends
  • Go out dancing!
  • Try out our new fitness challenge