July 11, 2019

Cancer Biology Division Retreat

RadOnc faculty meet to collaborate on Radiation & Cancer Biology research for cancer therapy.

CanBio Retreat 2019
L-R: Weihua Zhou, Corey Speers, Paramita Ray, Kyle Cuneo, Dipankar Ray, Issam El Naqa, Michael Green, Daniel Wahl, Mats Ljungman, Christine Canman, Alnawaz Rehemtulla, Meredith Morgan, Shyam Nyati, Yi Sun, Ted Lawrence, Mingjia Tan, Mukesh Nyati, Yilun Sun. Photographer: James Balter

By: Yi Sun, PhD

The Division of Radiation and Cancer Biology held a scientific retreat on May 4, 2019 at the UM North Campus Research Complex. The theme was to establish productive collaborations within the Division with the short-term goal for joint publications and the long-term goal to get a Biology P01 grant funded in an effort to improve current radiation cancer therapy. Ten PIs presented their research with the main focus on two scientific areas:

  1. Development of radiosensitizers for cancer therapy and radioprotectors for normal tissue protection.
  2. Radiation-induced inflammation and immune-response for mechanism-based combinational therapy of human cancer.

Everyone was impressed with the quality of scientific research (both basic and clinical) currently being conducted within the Division.  Several areas of collaboration among the PIs are evident. A follow-up meeting will be scheduled to finalize projects to be supported by the seed funds.