Resources for Patients & Families

The Michigan Medicine Care Guides is a resource for Radiation Oncology patients and families with videos, websites and handouts created or endorsed by Michigan Medicine clinicians.


A practical guide for improving vaccine communication and fighting misinformation (1.5 MB PDF)
Patient guide to radiation therapy at UM Department of Radiation Oncology (3.2 Mb PDF file)
Frequently asked questions about X-Ray Imaging for treating cancer with radiotherapy (3.3 MB PDF file)
Instructions for oral and IV contrast (39 KB PDF file)
Prostate Radiation: CT and MRI simulation preparation instructions & fractionated treatment instructions (126 KB PDF file)
Prostate Radiation: CT and MRI Simulation Preparation Instructions & SBRT Treatment Instructions (142 KB PDF file)
Side effects of Head & Neck radiation and how to manage them (354 KB PDF file)