3D Prototype & Fabrication Service

The Radiation Oncology 3D Service accelerates the development and manufacture of patient-optimized treatment devices and custom components for basic and translational research.

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Our in-house 3D device design and manufacturing service is driving innovation in the clinic and laboratories. While digital 3D modeling accelerates prototype development, stereolithographic (SLA) printing with medically-approved resins produces high-quality, patient-specific devices on-demand. 

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For inquiries, contact the RadOnc 3D Service.

Examples of current projects include:

  • Medical procedure devices (i.e., brachytherapy applicators, boluses, lung blocks)
  • Quality assessment tools (i.e., geometric and dosimetric phantoms, ISO limits)
  • Specialty laboratory apparatus

Each component is manufactured with resins optimized for its specific application. With rapid 3D prototyping, the path from inspiration to application has never been shorter!

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  • Moncion A, Kronenberg S, Lam KL, Jolly S, Evans J, Lee C. SU-330-IePD-F4-1: A Novel 3D-Printed Interstitial/Intracavitary Brachytherapy Applicator for Gynecological Application. Medical Physics 2023;50:e121. https://doi.org/10.1002/mp.16525.
  • Lee C, Mikell J, Lam KL. SU-H4-GePD-T-05: A Novel 3D Printed Ophthalmic Applicator for Conjunctival Melanoma Brachytherapy. Medical Physics 2017;44:2677. https://doi.org/10.1002/mp.12305.
  • Matrosic CK, Lam KL, Kronenberg S, Demirci H, Hayman JA, Lee C. MO-430-BReP: A Novel 3D-Printed Brachytherapy Applicator For Conjunctival Melanoma. Med Phys 2023;50:e277–e278. https://doi.org/10.1002/mp.16525.
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Examples of Clinical Devices

GYN Brachy assembly
GYN Brachytherapy implant device: Patient-specific interstitial cylinder and plate for gynecological brachytherapy procedure (in-situ for up to 60 hours). Printed with biomedical resin approved for steam sterilization and extended contact with skin and mucosal membranes.
Eye plaque conformer
Opthalmic Radiotherapy Plaque: Patient-specific eye plaque conformer for brachytherapy procedure. Printed with biomedical resin.
Vaginectomy grid plate
Vaginectomy needle guide: Custom-sized plate printed with approved biomedical resin for vaginectomy procedure.
Calibration spheres
Phantoms for precision treatment calibration: 3D spherical array.
Lung block
Radiation beam blockers: Tissue-sparing lung block prototype customized for each patient from DICOM data. Blocks are filled with reusable metal bearings.
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Examples of Laboratory Devices

Kidney phantom
Simulated organs for translational research: Images of the 3D printed kidney phantom (printed in two halves and glued together) with separately fillable cortex and medulla, and modeled from a DICOM image from the patient. The medulla was filled at 1/3 rd the cortex Lu-177 activity concentration to mimic what is believed to occur in patients undergoing Lu-177 DOTTATE therapy.
Phantoms for research: Transducer model to take ultrasound images concurrent with radiation therapy.
Orthovoltage corner support
Specialty laboratory equipment: Corner supports to suspend a polycarbonate shield beneath the Orthovoltage unit.
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3D Service Team

Steven Kronenberg

Steven Kronenberg

Senior Biomedical Engineer
3D Service Manager | Radiation Oncology
Choonik Lee

Choonik Lee, PhD

Associate Professor
Director of Brachytherapy Physics
Alexander Moncion

Alex Moncíon, PhD

Assistant Professor
Associate Director, Medical Physics Residency Program
Kwok Lam

Kwok Lam, PhD

Professor (retired)
Co-Founder & Advisor/3D Prototype & Fabrication Service
Marc Kessler

Marc L Kessler, PhD

Allen S Lichter, MD Professor of Radiation Oncology
Chief Information Officer | Radiation Oncology