AI and Machine-Learning Methodologies


  1. Rich Caruana: Intelligibility, Causality & Treatment Effects
  2. Yi Luo, PhD: Bayesian Networks and Causal Inference
  3. Mike Dusenberry: Bayesian Deep Learning for Medicine
  4. John Kang, MD, PhD: Data Processing: Cross Validation, Bias Control, Missing Data, Limited Size, and Data Heterogeneity
  5. Issam El Naqa, PhD: Safe Implementation & Quality Assurance Considerations For AI
  6. Olivier Morin, PhD: Part 1- MEDomics: A Framework for the Development of AI in Radiation Oncology
  7. Martin Vallières, PhD: Part 2- MEDomicsLab: An Open-source Computation Platform for Multi-omics Modeling in Medicine

1. Rich Caruana

2. Yi Luo, PhD

3. Mike Dusenberry

Bayesian Deep Learning for Medicine
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4. John Kang, MD, PhD

5. Issam El Naqa, PhD

6. Olivier Morin, PhD

7. Martin Vallières, PhD