Big Data in Imaging Apps


  1. John Christodouleas, MD, MPH: Accelerating MR-guided Biologic Adaptation with MOMENTUM
  2. Jeff Siewerdsen, PhD: Spine Cloud: Image Analytics and Predictive Models for Spine Surgery Outcomes
  3. Ke Sheng, PhD, FAAPM, DABR: Adaptive Radiotherapy Using Machine Learning
  4. Balagurunathan, PhD: Habitats in Prostate Cancer- Finding the Aggressive Disease
  5. Tahsin Kurc: Studying Cancer Morphology with Gigapixel Images
  6. Aimilia Gastounioti, PhD: Breast Cancer Imaging Radiomics
  7. Lubomir Hadjiiski, PhD: QA Validation Of Definitions In Radiomics Feature Ontology

1. John Christodouleas, MD, MPH

2. Jeff Siewerdsen, PhD

3. Ke Sheng, PhD, FAAPM, DABR

4. Yoganand Balagurunathan, PhD

5. Tahsin Kurc

6. Aimilia Gastounioti, PhD

7. Lobimir Hadjiiski, PhD