Theodore S Lawrence Laboratory

About Us:

The Lawrence laboratory can be found at Rm 4310 of the Medical Science I Building of the UM Medical School. We are part of the Cancer Biology division of the Radiation Oncology Department. Our lab operates in conjunction with the laboratories of Meredith Morgan, PhD, Mukesh Nyati,PhD, Dipankar Ray, PhD and Dan Wahl MD, PhD. We focus on translational research in the general area of molecularly targeted radiosensitizers. Within that framework are projects involving inhibitors of the radiation-induced DNA damage response (Morgan lab) and inhibitors and degraders of EGFR (Nyati lab). The Ray lab is seeking to understand the molecular alterations during radiation-induced lung toxicity and identifying new therapeutic targets for thoracic cancers. The Wahl lab works on ways of altering brain tumor metabolism to make brain tumors more sensitive to radiation therapy.

Our laboratory also manages the Experimental Irradiation Core of the UM Rogel Cancer Center. David Karnak is the contact person for information about the core.

Join Us:

Please contact Theodore Lawrence if you are interested in working with the Lawrence Lab.

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