Physics Laboratories

The Physics Division has continued its internationally recognized leadership in Radiation Oncology, with strong clinical and research programs which are tightly integrated with the clinical and research efforts of the other faculty in the department.

Some of the accomplishments of the division in Treatment Planning, Functional Imaging, Patient Modeling, Flat Panel Imager Development, NIH Projects, Clinical Operations and Teaching and Training Service are highlighted below (see Major Programs).


  • Larry Antonuk, PhD: Professor and principal investigator of the Flat Panel Imager Group.
  • James Balter, PhD: Professor and Co-director of Physics Division whose research focuses on the interface of imaging sciences and advanced therapeutics.
  • Yue Cao, PhD: Professor and head of Functional Imaging Group.
  • Issam El Naqa, PhD: Associate Professor
  • Scott Hadley, PhD: Assistant Professor
  • Adam Johansson, PhD: Research Investigator
  • Marc Kessler, PhD: Allen S Lichter, MD Professor
  • Kwok Lam, PhD: Clinical Professor
  • Choonik Lee, PhD: Clinical Assistant Professor & Associate Director of Medical Physics Residency Program
  • Dale Litzenberg, PhD: Clinical Associate Professor
  • Martha Matuszak, PhD: Clinical Associate Professor, Director of Advanced Treatment Planning
  • Chuck Mayo, PhD: Clinical Associate Professor
  • Daniel McShan, PhD: (Emeritus) Professor and Associate Director of Division of Radiation Physics
  • Jean Moran, PhD: Clinical Professor, Clinical Professor and Associate Division Director of Clinical Physics
  • Vrinda Narayana, PhD: Associate Professor and Chief Physicist, Providence and Assarian Cancer Centers
  • Joann Prisciandaro, PhD: Clinical Associate Professor and Director of the Medical Physics Residency Program
  • Timothy Ritter, PhD: Adjunct Faculty
  • Peter Roberson, PhD: (Emeritus) Professor
  • Donald Roberts, PhD: Clinical Associate Professor
  • Randall Ten Haken, PhD: Professor and Director of Physics Division
  • Kelly Younge, PhD: Clinical Assistant Professor