Reshma Jagsi

Reshma Jagsi, MD, DPhil

Deputy Chair of Radiation Oncology
Newman Family Professor of Radiation Oncology
Residency Program Director
Director of the Center for Bioethics and Social Sciences
University Hospital
1500 E Medical Center Drive, UHB2C490
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Twitter: @reshmajagsi

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Reshma Jagsi, M.D., D.Phil., is Newman Family Professor and Deputy Chair in the Department of Radiation Oncology and Director of the Center for Bioethics and Social Sciences in Medicine at the University of Michigan.

She graduated first in her class from Harvard College and then pursued her medical training at Harvard Medical School. She also served as a fellow in the Center for Ethics at Harvard University and completed her doctorate in Social Policy at Oxford University as a Marshall Scholar.

An internationally recognized clinical trialist and health services researcher, Dr. Jagsi’s medical research focuses on improving the quality of care received by breast cancer patients, both by advancing the ways in which breast cancer is treated with radiation and by advancing the understanding of patient decision-making, cost, and access to appropriate care. Her research in this area is funded by an NIH R01 grant to evaluate an intervention to help support women with breast cancer and their physicians to make high quality decisions. She is also supported by the Susan G. Komen Foundation to lead research on inflammatory breast cancer and innovative radiotherapy approaches to intensify treatment in that setting. She led the national IDEA trial to investigate approaches for radiation treatment de-escalation among patients with biologically favorable breast cancer, and she is active in the National Cancer Institute's cooperative groups, including SWOG and NRG. She also serves on the NCI's BOLD task force on locoregional management of breast cancer.

A substantial focus of her research considers issues of bioethics and gender equity in academic medicine. Her investigations of women’s under-representation in senior positions in academic medicine and the mechanisms that must be targeted to promote equity have been funded by an NIH R01 grant and grants from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, AMA, and other philanthropic funders. She leads the national program evaluation for the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation's Fund to Retain Clinician Scientists, a large national intervention that was inspired in part by her own research. She also leads an NIH R01-funded investigation using deliberative democratic approaches to illuminate patients’ attitudes towards secondary use of data collected in routine clinical encounters and a current Greenwall Foundation-funded investigation of patient attitudes towards approaches used by hospitals to encourage donations from grateful patients.  

Active in organized medicine, she has served on the Steering Committee of the AAMC's Group on Women in Medicine in Science and now serves on the Board of Directors of the American Society of Clinical Oncology. She was part of the Lancet’s advisory committee for its theme issue on women in science, medicine, and global health.  

Dr. Jagsi's work is frequently featured in the popular media, including coverage by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, NPR, and national network nightly news. Frequently invited as a keynote speaker, she has delivered invited talks at over 50 institutions and professional societies, including the AAMC, the NIH, and the National Academy of Medicine and National Academy of Sciences. Her contributions have been recognized with her election to the American Society of Clinical Investigation and the Leadership Award of the AAMC’s Group on Women in Medicine and Science. She has been elected fellow of ASTRO, ASCO, AAWR, and the Hastings Center.

Areas of Interest

Improving Breast Cancer Patients’ Treatment Options and Decisions: Research seeks to distinguish aggressive from lower risk disease and appropriately individualize management, through both clinical and health services research.
Areas of specific interest include:

  • identifying patients at sufficiently low recurrence risk to avoid radiotherapy
  • improving the knowledge and preference-concordance of treatment decisions for patients with favorable-risk disease
  • intensifying treatment for patients with more aggressive disease—including inflammatory breast cancer--through radiosensitization

Medical Profession Research includes:

  • theoretical and empirical investigation in bioethics (with a focus on issues of resource allocation, conflicts of interest, and research ethics)
  • studies regarding gender equity in academic medicine

Clinical Interests

  • Breast Cancer
  • Bioethics

Honors & Awards

2020  Elected Fellow of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (FASCO)
2019  Elected Fellow of the Hastings Center
2019  Association of American Medical Colleges Group on Women in Medicine and Science Leadership Award
2019  Institute for Health Policy and Innovation Impact Accelerator Award (senior faculty member whose research results in greatest impact as perceived by policy-making end users)
2018  Elected Fellow of the American Association of Women in Radiology (FAAWR)
2018  Dean’s Award for Clinical and Health Services Research
2018  American Medical Women’s Association Gender Equity Award
2018  Elected Fellow of the American Society of Radiation Oncology (FASTRO)
2017  Elected to American Society of Clinical Investigation (national honorary society)
2015  Elected to University of Michigan League of Educational Excellence (institutional honorary society)
2013  America’s Top Doctors
2011  ASCO Leadership Development Program
2009  Robert Wood Johnson Physician Faculty Scholar Award
2009  Southwest Oncology Group Young Investigator (one of four junior faculty selected to participate in prestigious annual training course)
2009  First Place Faculty Presentation Award, Taubman Medical Research Institute/Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Research Symposium
2005  American Association of Women Radiologists Eleanor Montague Distinguished Resident Award
2004  AMA Foundation Leadership Award
1997-2002  British Marshall Scholarship
1991-2001  Harvard University National Scholarship
1999-2001  Leopold Schepp Foundation Scholarship
1991-2001  Daughters of the American Revolution Scholarship
1999  American Medical Women’s Association Wilhelm-Frankowski Scholarship
1997  Wellesley College M.A. Cartland-Shackford Fellowship
1997  Girl Scout Woman of Distinction Award
1996  Rotary Scholarship
1995  Radcliffe College Isobel Briggs Fellowship
1995  Harvard College Sophia Freund Prize (awarded to the summa cum laude graduate ranked first in class)
1994  Radcliffe College Captain Jonathan Fay Prize (highest overall honor awarded to one female graduate each year, for showing "greatest promise in conduct, character, and scholarship")
1991-1995  John Harvard Scholarship
1991-1995  Elizabeth Cary Agassiz Scholarship
1994  U.S.A Today Academic First Team
1994  Glamour Magazine’s Top 10 College Women
1994  Phi Beta Kappa, Junior Year Inductee, Class Marshal
1994  Harvard College Detur Prize
1994  Harvard College Bonaparte Prize in Government
1994  J.W. Saxe National Prize for Public Service


  • MSc, Comparative Social Policy, with distinction, Oxford University, Oxford, England,2002
  • DPhil, Oxford University, Oxford, England, 2002
  • MD, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, 2001
  • AB, Government, summa cum laude, first in class, Harvard-Radcliffe Colleges, Cambridge, MA,1995
  • Board Certification: Radiation Oncology


  • NIH R01 CA237046, 12/19-11/24. Improving Patient-Centered Communication in Breast Cancer: A RCT of a Shared Decision Engagement System (ShaDES). Role: PI (dual PI with S. Hawley)
  • Susan G. Komen Foundation, 07/18-06/2. Komen Scholar Award: PARP Inhibition and Radiotherapy for Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Role: PI
  • Greenwall Foundation, 07/18-12/31/19. Public and Patient Perspectives Regarding the Ethics of Fundraising from Patients. Role: PI
  • American Cancer Society, 07/19-06/23. Disparities in survivorship care quality and patient burden after breast cancer treatment: The iCanCare Follow-up Study. Role: Co-investigator (PI Wallner, L)
  • R01 CA201356, 08/16-07/21. National Institutes of Health-DHHD-US: Patient Perspectives on the Ethical Implementation of an Oncology Learning System, Role: Principal Investigator. Role: PI
  • Cancer Research United Kingdom Programme Grant in Breast Cancer Research, 04/16-04/21. Benefits and Risks of Cancer Treatments, Role: Collaborator. PI: Darby
  • 01/16-12/23, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation: Evaluation of a Fund to Retain Clinical Scientists. Role: PI
  • P01-CA-163233, 09/12-08/17, National Institutes of Health:The Challenges of Individualizing the Treatment of Patients with Breast Cancer , Role: Project Director, Project 1 (PI: Katz)
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, 02/11-  .The Michigan Radiation Oncology Quality Consortium. Role: Patient Outcomes Consultant with Effort. PI: Pierce

Published Articles or Reviews

Selected from over 300 Publications

  1. Jagsi R, Motomura AR, Griffith KA, Rangarajan S, Ubel PA (2009) Sex differences in attainment of independent funding by career development awardees. Ann Intern Med 151(11):804-11.
  2. Jagsi R, Griffith KA, Stewart A, Sambuco D, DeCastro R, Ubel P (2012) Gender differences in the salaries of physician researchers.  JAMA 307(22):2410-7.
  3. Jolly S, Griffith KA, DeCastro R, Stewart A, Ubel P, Jagsi R (2014) Gender differences in time spent on parenting and domestic responsibilities by high-achieving young physician-researchers. Ann Intern Med 160(5):344-53.
  4. Jagsi R, Pottow JA, Griffith KA, Bradley C, Hamilton AS, Graff J, Katz SJ, Hawley ST (2014) The long-term financial burden of breast cancer:  experiences of a diverse cohort of survivors identified through population-based registries. J Clin Oncol 32(12):1269-76.
  5. Walter JK, Griffith KA, Jagsi R (2015) Oncologists’ experiences and attitudes about their role in philanthropy and soliciting donations from grateful patients. J Clin Oncol 33(32):3796-801.
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  8. Weinstein D, Mangurian C, Jagsi R (2019) Parenting During Residency: Practical Policy Solutions to Promote Change.  N Engl J Med 381(11):995-997.
  9. Beeler W, Mangurian C, Jagsi R (2019) Unplugging the Pipeline to Leadership in Academic Medicine.  N Engl J Med 381(16):1508-1511

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