June 16, 2017

New Department Platform Features

Lots of New & Exciting Features are now available on the department platform!

We listened.  And we've been hard at work to deliver some of the enhancements that have been requested.  There are 3 new content types:

  • Related Person (supports internal and external lists of people)
  • General Custom Page (new widget based page)
  • Person Custom Page (new widget based page)

We've also added a full-width region to the department and section landing pages and the general custom page.

Let's not forget the Promotional Block -- which been updated with new styled widget options as well.

Some of the new widgets (known as drupal paragraphs) are: media with text, list of links, social media, locations, related people (internal and external), text with background color/image, and image strips.  For a full list of new features check out the new General Custom page widgets and the new Person Custom page widgets.