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March 12, 2023

Why sleep scientists think Standard Time is best

“Permanent Standard Time is better for human health. And the reason for that is because Standard Time best aligns our internal clock with the world around us, and so the closer those two things can be aligned, the better for many, many health outcomes,” said Anita Shelgikar , professor of neurology and sleep medicine.
March 10, 2023

Spring forward time: Daylight saving time begins March 12; Congress weighs switch

Dr. Cathy Goldstein said to avoid the abrupt time shift conflict, policymakers would have to choose standard time as permanent, where it's light in the morning and dark at night. When the clock on the wall abruptly shifts by one hour during daylight saving time, the biological clock remains the same, which increases health risks and accidents when
March 9, 2023

How to fall asleep faster: A step-by-step guide with advice from experts

“We see a good number of people, especially as they get older, that might not quite need as much sleep as they needed 30 years before, but they’re still trying to stay in bed for nine hours,” said Ronald Chervin , professor of neurology and division chief of the Sleep Disorders Centers, who advises that we decide what amount of sleep time is right
May 31, 2022

Our Smart Guide to Sleep Can Help You Wake Up Feeling More Refreshed

Since a third of our lives is spent sleeping, you’d think we’d all be experts at it. Yet, for the estimated 70 million Americans suffering from chronic sleep problems, falling asleep — and staying asleep — is anything but easy. If you’ve spent restless nights tossing and turning chasing sleep that just won’t seem to come, you don’t have to live

March 18, 2022

10 Things That Can Affect Your Dreams At Night

Whether you never remember your dreams or can't forget your nightmares, dreams have a purpose. This is why dreams happen, what causes nightmares, and what you can do to increase the chances of sweet dreams.