Center for Global Surgery

The Michigan Medicine Department of Surgery is a part of the global community, and we are committed to creating long term collaborations with partners around the globe.

Our Goals

Guided by the concept of “convergence science,” we feel a strong sense of urgency to build partnerships internationally that will introduce surgeons and surgical residents to new knowledge and approaches — because big leaps come from new settings and ideas.

The Michigan Center for Global Surgery connects our faculty and trainees to communities around the world. Through education, surgical care, and research initiatives, we create an international footprint by giving our faculty and trainees the opportunity to make a sustainable difference in the global health arena.

By joining with institutes abroad, we can develop long-term relationships that improve quality and delivery of care, creating a positive ripple effect for communities in China, India, Colombia, Ethiopia and others — as well as the chance for new scientific collaboration and discovery.

Our mission is to create a sustainable pathway for residents and faculty members to shape the future of strengthening surgical systems around the globe. Our vision is to reduce barriers of access to basic surgical care globally through education, innovation, research, and advocacy.

Our Work

Today, faculty and trainees in the U-M Department of Surgery engage in global health projects in 6 countries and 4 continents. These efforts include clinical missions to deliver specialty care such as cleft lip and palate repair, collaborative quality improvement projects, resident training opportunities in rural and tertiary referral centers, and research collaborations with sister institutions.

U-M surgeons also serve as faculty leaders for the Medical School’s Global Reach program, concentrating on international collaboration in the health sciences.

Our center works within three main areas of focus: global health education, world health policy and research, and international surgical care. We aim to train the next generation of global surgery leaders while investing in transformative solutions for global health challenges and building sustainable systems to advance patient-centered care worldwide.