Michigan Pediatric Device Consortium

The Michigan Pediatric Device Consortium (MPED) aims to advance the commercialization of pediatric medical devices.

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Driving the Future of Medical Devices

MPED focuses on the innovation of medical device development, specifically for pediatric patients. Our mission is to be a resource for innovation assistance, guiding innovators through potential needs validation, product development and commercialization processes. Individual inventors, clinicians, researchers, and students can benefit from MPED assistance. MPED services are provided to anyone, internal or external to the University of Michigan, interested in advancing pediatric medical devices.


MPED provides pediatric medical device inventors with assistance in all stages of product development, from concept to commercialization. We can work with inventors to help verify the clinical need for inventions, refine product ideas, develop product specifications, and create functional prototypes. We also work with innovators from the University of Michigan and the regional community. Frequently, one of our greatest resources for an innovator is our ability to connect and facilitate a conversation a medical or research expert at the University of Michigan.

MPED partners with the Michigan Medicine Section of Pediatric Surgery to offer a one-year, non-degree granting Pediatric Surgery Innovation Fellowship program for both engineering and pediatric surgery trainees. This program embeds an interdisciplinary team of innovators into the Pediatric Surgery Section to observe and validate needs, develop medical device solutions, and build a path to commercialization that can directly improve care for pediatric surgery patients. We often work with trainees past the end of the fellowship to help them see their product to market.

Learn more about the Pediatric Surgery Innovation Fellowship program →

Commercialization Gap Funding

We work with inventors to apply for bridge funding from the national Pediatric Device Consortia Gap Funding initiatives, which aim to accelerate technology advancement and increase the likelihood of receiving future rounds of funding, ranging from SBIRs to larger NIH grants and private or venture capital investment. For example, past inventors who have worked with MPED have used the funding toward prototype development, testing and regulatory support.

Prototype Lab

Located on the University of Michigan North Ingalls Building (NIB), we have access to early-stage prototype creation, development and testing tools. These tools allow for rapid development of ideas and the ability to place physical renderings into the hands of surgeons for evaluation at early stages of the concept. The lab’s resources include 3-D CAD software, 3-D printing, and a broad portfolio of additional resources.


MPED has worked with many inventors to develop their ideas and see their products to market, working with groups to develop prototypes, find bridge funding, verify clinical needs for products, and develop product specifications.

MPED’s fellowship has generated many pediatric-specific medical device concepts, notably a novel feeding tube for pediatric patients. This concept has raised 230K in external and internal funds to help with prototype development, testing and product development for this ongoing project.

Through its fellowship, MPED hopes to train the next generation of innovators.

MPED provided connections to resources in regulatory investigation and intellectual property (including patent searches) that were critical to the development of the Charpie Pediatric Intubation System. The Gap Funding Award is helping me turn the conceptual design into a functional prototype in a collaboration with a local medical device firm.

John Charpie, MD, PhD, Professor of Pediatric Cardiology, Michigan Medicine

Collaborations & Partnerships

We partner with Fast Forward Medical Innovation at the University of Michigan, which provides innovators with commercialization education, assistance, funding, and other resources to University of Michigan faculty and staff. They specialize in four main areas: medical devices, diagnostics, healthcare IT, and therapeutics for both adult and pediatric applications.

The Office of Technology Transfer, or Tech Transfer, is another partner that we collaborate with at the University of Michigan. They can help assist first time inventors in understanding the guidelines and options around commercialization. Additionally, Tech Transfer is responsible for drafting and submitting licenses and patent applications for University of Michigan technologies.

We have connected inventors to the Coulter Translational Research Partnership Program, a commercialization fund to develop University of Michigan biomedical technologies through collaborations between faculty in the College of Engineering and Michigan Medicine. This program specializes in medical devices, surgical tools, diagnostic assays, and other biomedical tools.

Several of our fellowship teams have worked with the Michigan College of Engineering Center for Entrepreneurship, completing their Intro to Customer Discovery program through the Midwest I-CORPS group.

We work within the Department of Surgery Section of Pediatric Surgery, providing resources to the surgeons and resources for our fellows in our Pediatric Surgery Innovation Fellowship.

Funding & Investors

The Michigan Pediatric Device Consortium is funded through:

  • The Kahn Innovation Fund, which supports MPED and provides gap funding for additional pediatric medical device projects.
  • The Sarns Family Innovation Fund, which funds our engineering position in the Pediatric Surgery Innovation Fellowship each year.

The MPED depends on the generosity and support of foundations, individuals, and the business sector for a sustainable source of funding. MPED works closely with sponsors and donors to ensure good stewardship of the resources provided to make its programs possible.

If you would like to learn more about supporting the MPED, please contact Surgery Development Office.

Contact Us

Have an idea for a medical device? Reach out to the Michigan Pediatric Device Consortium to get started with your project.

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