CSTAR is a community of surgical education researchers who are interested in advancing the field through high-impact research, mentorship, and educational quality improvement. 

Vascular Surgery trainees in the simulation center
Resident instructing at clinical simulation center
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At CSTAR, we bring together a wide audience with a range of expertise, including students, residents, trainees, staff, and faculty members from across the University of Michigan and around the country, to better investigate and expand the field of surgical education research. Our community offers opportunities for members to collaborate and discuss current projects in this space, while providing connections and resources to further enrich research pursuits. Our events reflect this commitment. While CSTAR is primarily based in the Department of Surgery, anyone at the University of Michigan is welcome to become a member.

The CSTAR workshops are an hour-long, weekly meeting. During the workshops, a member usually presents work they have produced in connection to their research, such as an abstract, grant specific aims, presentation, poster, etc. CSTAR members then provide insight and feedback on how to enhance the project. Some weeks we also explore new topics together, whether as a book club, guided by an invited speaker, or in discussion with other CSTAR colleagues.

The CSTAR community forums are one of the hour-long, weekly meetings offered by the center.

The forums include multiple quick presentations, ranging from 5 to 10 minutes, by CSTAR members about the work they are doing. Members are all invited to present project updates, questions, new research ideas, etc. to discuss with the group during these meetings.

CSTAR holds an annual spring symposium to discuss education research. Notable scholars in surgical education are invited to present foundational and innovative ideas. Faculty members, students, and residents have the opportunity to present their work, from pilot to large scale projects, in the surgical education research field.

CSTAR co-hosts a monthly seminar series with the Association for Surgical Education and the Society for Improving Medical Professional Learning. The series is open to anyone interested in surgical education research, and it includes practical learning opportunities led by experts in the field. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of how to successfully carry out surgical education research and the principles on which the field is built. For questions about the CSTAR seminar series, please email Alyssa Pradarelli, CSTAR Program Manager, at [email protected].

The CSTAR Fellowship is a 2-year surgical education research fellowship. Fellows will gain broad experience in the techniques, challenges, and opportunities in surgical education research. The fellowship aims to prepare trainees to become independent investigators through working on high-impact research projects with CSTAR faculty.

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Please reach out to us with any questions about becoming a member or our annual symposium. For more information or to join the CSTAR mailing list, please email [email protected].

Dr. Brian C. George, director of CSTAR, shares the drive behind his work in education research.